We're a bunch of degenerate punks doing our best to give you the good stuff you're after, but we're much better at playing cool tunes than doing stupid marketing admin. So if we've stuffed anything up, be gentle & give us a little heads up so we can sort you out with a rocking experience!

In the meantime, some of this stuff might help...

SIZES:  All Aussie sizes unless detailed

CARE:  Read & follow any washing instructions etc

PRICES:  GST & taxes are included in all prices

PAY:  We take almost any credit or debit card

DELIVERY:  Approx 1 week in Oz & 2 weeks OS

SELLOUTS:  Let us know if you're after sold out stuff

RETURNS:  We'll be fair & do our best case-by-case

WARNING:  Most stuff contains explicit content

QUESTIONS:  Use the contact form for any other questions & we'll get back to you asap

SOCIALS:  For gigs, news & updates on merch gear, get amongst our socials